The humble wiper blade is an accessory we don’t tend to pay too much attention to, but with poor visibility playing a significant role in road accidents, investing in quality blades and changing them regularly can keep you and your family safer on the road, while also saving you money in the long term. Here are 5 signs it’s time to change your wiper blades, as well as a few recommendations for finding the best new set for your car.

1. Wiper blades skip across your windscreen

If your wiper blades skip across your windscreen rather than smoothly wipe away the water, it’s actually a sign of underuse rather than them being worn out. This often occurs in hot and dry climates where the sun causes the blades to ‘set’ in one direction, rather than being able to flip as the wiper blade switches direction.

In any case, it’s a sign that it’s time to change your wipers. When you do, consider installing a set of wiper blades that use a composite of natural and artificial rubbers rather than 100% natural rubber. Synthetic rubbers have been shown to be more resistant to sun damage and ‘setting’ than natural rubber.

2. Windscreen wipers that leave streaks across your windscreen

Windscreen wipers that leave streaks across your windscreen may just need a clean with a soft cloth to remove any grime or debris, but if streaking continues it’s a sign the wipers themselves are failing and that it’s time to change them.

Consider replacing a streaking wiper with a flat wiper from Wipers2U.

Where traditional wiper blades only have between four and eight pressure points,  our flat blades feature hundreds of contact points. This creates a consistent pressure along the entire length of each individual wiper.

The result is a smoother, quieter, and more consistent performance, particularly at higher vehicle speeds and during intense use – when we need them the most!

3. A squeaking wiper blade

Apart from being annoying, a squeaking wiper is a sign of either incorrect fitting or that it’s time for a replacement. In both cases, the wiper’s rubber is not making smooth contact with your car’s windscreen and won’t be cleaning it properly.

First, try tightening or loosening the wiper arms to see if the blade just needs an adjustment. If you still hear squeaking after adjustment, it’s time to change your blades.

4. Smearing  with worn wiper blades

Smearing can occur when you have a dirty windscreen – a film of debris or grime on the glass can prevent the blades from making clean contact with your windscreen, leaving large areas unclean and you with poor visibility.

If you have cleaned your windscreen and the smearing still occurs, it’s time to change your wipers.

5. Visibility will be affected

Apart from all the signs above, if your wiper blades are damaged in any way, their performance and your visibility will be affected. Most importantly, be on the lookout for any damage to the wiper rubber or loss of adhesion to the wiper arm. Also look for any damage to the mechanism itself – bent or damaged wipers need to be replaced immediately.

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