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Why choose Valeo?

  • Worldwide #1 in wiping systems

  • Leading O.E. (Original Equipment) supplier with more then 100 million wiper blades manufactured annually

  • Premium brand with 100% customer satisfaction

  • Partner to ALL major car manufacturers

  • Wide range covering 98% of all vehicles

“If you are looking for an extremely good wiper blade for your car windshield, we recommend the Valeo Wiper Blades to you, as it is the best reliable wiper blade”

Benefits of Valeo Wiper Blades

  • 100% metal construction and high-quality rubber

  • Increased durability

  • Improved wiping efficiency over time thanks to the brand new VisioRubber™

  • Special external spoiler increasing pressure on the glass

  • One Click Fit


Streaks & Smears  √

Impaired Vision  √

Chances of windscreen Scratches  √

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